The Story Behind the Logo

Allied Botanical Corp. was incorporated in 1984 with the purpose of breeding of hybrid sorghum seed for the Philippine market. The founders believe in the usefulness, versatility and potential of sorghum as a feed ingredient and substitute to corn, a cereal which the country was perpetually dependent on foreign sources. Being drought-tolerant, hardy, easy to grow, and high in protein, sorghum was the main focus of company’s R&D. This vision was embodied in the logo of Allied Botanical, depicting the sorghum plant covering the globe. In 1984 Allied Botanical Corp. set up its first breeding and seed production farm for hybrid grain sorghum in a leased farm in Barrio Anolid, Alcala, Pangasinan, the first commercial hybrid variety was called Advance 7202.
Sorghum was one of the oldest cereals domesticated by man. It was first grown in the desert regions of Northern Africa 4000BC, then spread to the Middle East and South Asia, and from there to the rest of the world. Being hardy, drought-tolerant and nutritious. It is staple food of people in the desert and in semi-arid regions of the world. Different types of sorghum has since been used for different purposes: as a cereal, as feedgrain for livestock, sorghum x sudangrass is grown as forage for cattle, some types with sturdy stalks are being used construction material in some African countries. Sweet sorghum is grown for molasses and today is regarded as a very promising source for bio-fuel.
Although Allied Botanical’s product lines has increased over the last decades, the sorghum logo is still retained not only to serve as a reminder of the company’s origin, but also to serve as a tribute to the plant’s enduring qualities of usefulness, versatility, adaptability, durability, and hardiness. Such are qualities and image which Allied Botanical wishes to impart on the members of its organization and stakeholders.

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