Corporate and Social Reponsibility

The core of Allied Botanical Corporation’s (ABC) business principle is sustainability. In integrating social and environmental demands with business performance, ABC follows a business philosophy that benefits our customers, our suppliers, our employees, the community where we operate, and the society at large.

ABC formally presents to its friends and allies its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. These projects show the company’s unwavering commitment to be successful in a business standpoint and at the same time demonstrate our respect for ethical values, the people, the community, and the environment

Typhoon Haiyan

A heart ready to help can weather even the strongest of storms. Allied Botanical Corporation cannot resist the call for charity, solidarity and brotherhood soon after Typhoon Haiyan destroyed structures, properties, crops, and lives. Supported by its foreign partners,Rijk Zwaan Seeds, ABC distributed toiletries, towels, canned goods, medicines and quality seeds, which hopefully would aid survivors get a fresh start.


Helping save the country’s national bird, ABC adopted from the Philippine Eagle Foundation Chick#22 which was hatched on December 7, 2007. The seed and crop care company named the now mighty male Philippine eagle Bighani after Golden State super sweet corn variety, which is also proudly bred by Filipino scientists and breeders.

Tree Planting

Allied Botanical Corporation sponsored environment protection projects of Tanggol Kalikasan. ABC employees also planted mangrove seedlings in one of the biggest mangrove reserves in the country which is in Sariaya, Quezon.

In other words, ABC’s CSR projects epitomize the company’s heart and soul: to use the power of business, not only for profit, but also to create a better world. This is wonderfully expressed in the company motto: “Enhancing Agriculture to Improve Your Life!”

These are not mere PR stunts; nor are they giving for the sake of giving. These are simply part of who we are and what we do as a seed company. ABC puts premium in investing in the education of our youth and the protection of our natural resources.

Eco-Agri Scholarship Grant
Sustainability not only comes in the form of environment protection but also, and most importantly, through continuous supply of human resources. Indeed, the agriculture industry would be in grave danger if only a few people work in farms. Having this in mind, Allied Botanical Corporation’s management provided scholarship grants to deserving agriculture students from Benguet State University and Southern Luzon State University.

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