Research and Development Program

Committed to develop superior vegetable varieties, ABC established in 1996 the Allied Agro Technology Inc. which is the research and plant breeding station of the former. AATI houses dedicated plant breeders and researchers who come up with adaptable and disease-resistant varieties. Truly and proudly Filipino, AATI is the first establishment of its kind from a 100% Filipino-owned company in the country.The research station breeds and screens most of

its new vegetable varieties, which after years of testing, are eventually released for commercial distribution to farmers all over the country.We leave nothing to chance. You can’t go wrong in choosing our products as your crop.Unlike other seed company in the country, Allied Botanical Corporation prides itself with its rigid selection and breeding of tropical vegetables.The program is primarily aimed at developing

vegetable varieties to suit local growing conditions which includes breeding for high yield and resistance against local pest and diseases, (and selecting varieties with superior adaptability to tropical conditions).Strong resistance and superior adaptability mean less dependence on environmentally destructive pesticides. The program also considers the peculiar Filipino palate. All these mean that farmers can be assured of a good income and a healthy lifestyle.

Tropical Breeding and Research Program

Even before AATI research station was established, ABC has been introducing highland crop varieties which may be adaptable in the lowland. In 1992, Condor White Baron Cauliflower was commercialized in low-lying areas. Today there are more tropical varieties of crops which were then grown only in the highlands. AATI furthers breeding and research programs for tropical vegetable crops and comes up with selections which can pleasantly surprise both producers and consumers.

Variety Development and Adaptability Screening

Agronomists, Product Development Technologists as well as the Sales Force of Allied Botanical Corporation from all over the country check the performance of old and new varieties to identify potential seed varieties which their market is looking for. Location and climate specific varieties are meticulously evaluated and selected by our experts.

Satellite Trial Station for Highland Crops

Highland vegetable seeds’ performance are tested at a trial station in Benguet State University. For the last three decades, large-scale producers and consumers of brassica, carrot, lettuce, zucchini and bell pepper from several parts of the country visit ABC’s research area in the Cordillera Autonomous Region.

Variety Introduction and Commercialization

Research doesn’t stop at AATI. New selections are sent to different locations in the country to test their adaptability. When these seed varieties pass the ABC standard of quality, they will be launched for commercialization.Through continuous and committed Research and Development work, Allied Botanical Corporation was able to create a strong market position not only for Tropical vegetable varieties but also for highland and high value crops.

Tapping the Expertise of Our Foreign Partners

The collaboration between Allied Botanical Corporation and its foreign seed and crop care partners was able to introduce superior seed varieties, updated farming technologies and crop care products which can significantly increase the profitability of crops.

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